Model Ali Tate Cutler made headlines last year as the first plus-sized underwear model for Victoria's Secret

    British model Ali Tate-Cutler appeared in Victoria's Secret's latest advertising campaign. Her dress size is 14 in the US. She said: I never thought I could shoot commercials with a few supermodels who I admired as a child, and also said that Victoria's Secret decision was very correct. Size 14 is actually the average size of American women. I think we need to see more women of size 14 in the media.

    Although Cutler is a curvy gril, he still insists on exercising. The purpose of her exercise is not to lower body fat, but to maintain beautiful lines and healthy physical condition.

    Pursuing thinness is not the only criterion for beauty. The world is beautiful and interesting because of its diversity. For individuals, the figure and lifestyle you like are the best.

    Different races, different ages, tall, short, thin, big breasts and small breasts. Some people have spots on their faces, scars, tattoos, and fats. But this is what most ordinary girls look like. No one is always glamorous. Shouldn't advertising mean that every body shape should be displayed?
In short, the shopping experience should be relaxed and comfortable, without anxiety, and the most important thing is that underwear is comfortable to wear, and the health of life is the most important. You can have confidence in every body shape and do not cater to others' aesthetics. Beauty is a subjective experience. Everyone has their own aesthetic standards, what they like and dislike. In short, in the future, there will be more large-size models appearing in the mainstream media, together with thin, normal-shaped models, telling people the true appearance of the world and reflecting the real needs of more people.

   The world should be diversity & inclusion.