I used to be unconfident about myself because of my body shame and imperfections when I was a teenage girl. It's hard for me to find the right size of clothing and I have to give up lots of styles just because they didn't have my size.

    While working as a product researcher for a large fashion company, I saw that mainstream fashion brands were at odds with my vision for fashion: people ask for a smaller and smaller size, they work so hard for slim body shape while bigger girls struggle for hunting a nice style to wear.

    Convinced that there was a better way to follow my passion for fashion, I founded lolgals with my friend Eric.We believe in the capacity for personal empowerment through fashion. Our intention from the start has been to help build the new culture in this industry that values free and creative self-expression through fashion rather than the use of fashion for fixing and conforming to a beauty standard.

    lolgals is aimed to bring bigger girls the way to express your own unique style at a reasonable price, we hope you will find not only the clothing, but also inspiration and confidence here.